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Its Dec and I'm back

As per normal the closing of a year makes me think of this place. I went through my pals on here and so many have moved on, removed me or also haven't updated in a long time. Some of you have still been posting. Wonder why I stopped? I used to love this place. Its funny how I read over the names and looked at the colors and remembered so many of those on my friends list. Friends I never met just peered into their lives and them in mine. Who knows what happened maybe FB took over the short and sweet. I must say this is a better place to actually get to know a person, but it takes time.

I'll hopefully update as to what's been going on soon. I need to check my security and default settings before I get going.

Friends only

I've gone back and made everything friends only. Seems like when I make some "friends post" and some not it confuses some reads as well as myself.

Anyway I really like talking to new people and will add anyone. Just drop me a line and it's done.

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Please feel free to post comments with what your strange like is

Jeep stuff done

Ok so now that all the Jeep stuff is done, meaning the Off-road 3 day event that our club hosted, I'm not knowing what to dwell on next. I was so focused on the event and getting my lift, tires, and so on done that now that it's over I feel relieved but also like wow now what do I plan and dwell on. I'm a dweller, I will take something on and pour gobs of myself into it and then move to the next project. I would like to say it's going to be my off-road video. I didn't get alot of this weekend, however I do have some past and a crap load of pics. I think it's time to load up the video and find out what I'm doing. I'd like to make a video showing out off-road adventures so others can see. I'll see how that goes. I feel like I have no time but that's because for the last 4 weeks it's been all about this Jeep fest and now I can relax and focus on this. Gota see how this goes. Wish me luck :-) J I'll be calling ya I'm sure.

So how was the big event... tune in next time

For anyone near SW MO take a look. This is my club's big run each year.


I have several aquaintences on LJ those are people I comment on here and there, I've not talked to them on IMs or on the phone. However I also have some good pals on LJ that I've talked to, e-mailed heart felt letters with, and feel bonded with. I think the switch is made when the two of you go beyond where you first met. For instance I felt more bonded with you when we talked on IMs, and I got to know you liked geocaching.

As for real life pals I think it works the same, when you go beyond your work, school, or other connection and do something else. Maybe an after work drink, a phone call where you talk and talk, or an invite to do something you share an intrest in.

Makeing pals at this age can be hard, but it I think the ones you make tend to stick longer because whatever causes you to make that bond with them is typically deeper than a school class meeting.

Haley Video

Short Video of my neice taken on my phone

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3 more not to be missed

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Heather and I enjoying some drinks at Applebees where some crazy old lady tried to knock me out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting  Got the winch after some trees in my Mom's yard

Move along little doggies

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Head um' up move um' out, RAWHIDE!  Cow heardn' with Jeeps!


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Got my winch installed on the Jeep, now I realy can go anywhere do anything :-)

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